Wings to Soar

This article from Jill Eggleton shows how tapping into each student’s unique strengths and talents can boost self-esteem, motivation, and academic achievement.

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The Sacred Walls

A classroom’s walls do so much more than hold up the roof! Find out how to make the most of this precious literacy opportunity with Jill Eggleton’s article, "The Sacred Walls."

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Order and Organization

What can Winnie-the-Pooh teach us about classroom organization and management? Find out in this article and free learning centers download from Jill Eggleton.

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The Battle for Books

How do you lure students from the grip of digital devices and entice them to read every day? The battle for books may not be easily won, but it is one we must never surrender.

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Tools for Educating the Heart

Educating children’s minds is not enough. We must also educate their hearts. In this article, Jill shares the story of how social-emotional learning became part of every story she writes.

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A Passion for Poetry

In Jill Eggleton’s words, “Poetry is a simple, effective way to fill a child’s mind with language.” Find out how to include and inspire all students through the magic of poetry.

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Pandemic ‘Learning Loss’

Covid-19 came, an invisible thief, forcing school closures and stealing learning time from students already at risk. Could summer school be an antidote? And if so, what kind?

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Group of school students

My Awakening to Equity

Every teacher has a story. In this article, author Jill Eggleton tells hers, about equity and the things she learned in her first years of teaching that continue to inspire her today.

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