At JillE Literacy, we bring joy to literacy learning.

We create educational resources for whole-class and small-group literacy learning that:

  • ENGAGE young readers with diverse texts that open their hearts and expand their minds,
  • EMPOWER teachers with embedded instruction that makes the most of every teaching moment, and
  • Systematically teach the skills students need to close learning gaps and EXCEL as readers.

Engage, empower, and excel are more than just words to us. They are our focus on every page of every text. Because when these things occur in a classroom, many other things happen, too. Students feel successful and motivated. Teachers feel effective and inspired. And a thriving literacy community is born.

Our ultimate goal is to help educators build these thriving classroom communities, where every learner’s voice is heard, every learner gets the instruction they deserve, and every learner experiences the pride of reading success—every learner, every day, in every text.

Jill Eggleton, the creator of JillE Literacy, is an award-winning author and educator who has dedicated her career to creating powerful, easy-to-use resources that inspire and motivate, that build capability and confidence, and that make literacy learning a joyful experience for teachers and learners alike.

Above all else, this is what we stand for, the reason behind what we create—to help educators unleash the joy of literacy learning in every classroom community.

Author Jill Eggleton

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As the creator of JillE Literacy and author of more than 1,000 children’s books, poems, and teacher resources, I feel privileged to be involved in such an enormously important field of work.

My involvement in education has consisted of many years as a classroom teacher and administrator, followed by many more years supporting teachers and creating resources for them and for their students. 

I often reflect on my teaching days, and I am thankful that throughout my teaching journey I have gravitated toward teaching those children whose cultural backgrounds were different from my own. I am thankful because these children and teachers have opened my eyes and opened my heart. They have given me a greater understanding that what one child needs may be very different from what another child needs. Equity is not one-size-fits-all!

Over the years, I have learned so much from these students and teachers. They have raised my awareness of unconscious bias and have given me a determination to work against it at every turn. I have learned how important it is to show respect and understanding for all backgrounds and cultures, to highlight the strengths and tap into the talents of every child.

Jill Eggleton and her class at Waima school

It is my belief that academic learning is integrally tied to both the social and emotional climate of the classroom and the social and emotional skills of students. Therefore, it is my goal to create programs that engage students by captivating their minds while grabbing at their hearts, to help students feel safe to take learning risks and make mistakes, to affirm their cultural identity, and to help them effectively collaborate with others in the learning process. That is why social and emotional learning is authentically woven throughout all the literacy resources I create. 

Having worked with teachers for so much of my career, I know they are passionate, compassionate, kind and caring, and that they desire, above all else, to improve the learning outcomes of every one of their students. But I also understand first-hand the challenges classroom teachers face. It is for this reason that all the resources I create include easy-to-use support right on the page to save planning time and help teachers make the greatest impact with every precious teachable moment.

These are the passions that have always inspired me as an educator and that drove me to create JillE Literacy.

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Co-Founder Tracy Strudley

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As a child, I was a struggling reader. My mixed-race family and our shared experiences of inequity and lack of inclusion galvanized my desire to make a difference for children learning to read.

When Jill and I talked about building our own company, it was because we both wanted to make a difference. We wanted to publish resources that would not only help students to learn to read but would also help them become citizens of the world.

Jill and I both wanted kids to see diversity in story, illustrations, and images. We wanted to give students stories with humor and emotion that made them think and reflect, allowing them to consider perspectives other than their own. We wanted them to have access to nonfiction that provided an unbiased window to our world and to believe that who they are, what they think, and what they say all matter.

We believed—and still do—that the best use of teacher time is getting to know each student as an individual, building those all-important relationships, and giving each student the tools and support they need to succeed. We wanted to extend teachers the same kind of support—by giving them resources that drive student engagement and built-in tools that make their job a little easier.

Many books and many years later, we created JillE Literacy, bringing together whole-class and small-group resources designed to engage students, empower teachers, and create thriving classroom communities where all learners excel.

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Our U.S. Publishing Partner

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Our resources are used in more than 24 countries and 8 languages worldwide. In the United States, JillE Literacy is sold exclusively through our partner, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

We couldn’t be more proud to be part of the HMH community and to be included in their Rigby and HMH Into Reading line of resources. Like us, HMH works ceaselessly to bring the best and most innovative educational resources to teachers and students around the world. In their words,

“We bring learning to countless students, teachers, and readers—transforming lives, supporting communities, and making our society more open, just, and inclusive for all, one story at a time.”

That truly is the power of learning.

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