Poem of the Month

Spider Lies

Like the spider, poetry can be deceiving. 

Poetry written for children is often short, simple, easy to read. 

And yet, the best children’s poetry offers readers something more — humor, surprise, intrigue, even a tingle of fear. 

Something that makes a poem worth rereading, worth thinking about, worth talking about. Something that makes it stick with you when others have long gone.

“Spider Lies” is one of those poems —
deceptively simple but with many intricate strands to explore.

Revisiting a rich poem like “Spider Lies” is an effective way to engage all readers while developing comprehension and oral language, vocabulary, reading fluency, phonics and phonemic awareness, and creative response. 

With JillE Literacy, the built-in five-day lesson plan for each poem makes it easy to focus on a different teaching opportunity each day.

“Spider Lies” is part of the Grade 2 Whole-Class Resources kit but can be enjoyed by children and teachers of many ages.

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