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Eddy’s Shoes (Grade 2, Level G)

This heartwarming book about a boy who is ashamed of his unfashionable old shoes is the perfect story to spark meaningful discussions this holiday season and help students understand that it’s not what they have, but who they are, that really matters.

In addition to built-in foundational skills and comprehension instruction in the book, the story presents many opportunities for social-emotional learning with emphasis on the target SEL competency of self-efficacy.

Built-in teaching notes in the Take & Teach Book (the teaching version of the book, shown on the right) make it easy to take advantage of the teachable moments embedded in the text, which are carefully controlled to support students at a Level G instructional reading level. 

Skills taught include:

Comprehension skills & strategies

These skills are taught, applied, and reinforced in the PREVIEW and VIEW sections of the teaching panels.

  • Make inferences
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Make and confirm predictions
  • Central idea

Foundational skills

These skills are taught, applied, and reinforced in the REVIEW sections of the teaching panels.

  • Sounds of /d/, /l/, /f/
  • Apostrophes
  • Contractions
  • Plurals
  • Suffix s
  • Long and short /oo/ sounds
  • Short /u/ sound

Social-emotional learning

These competencies are explored through discussion prompts in the REVIEW sections of the teaching panels and further reinforced in the mini-lesson on the Take & Teach Lesson Card.

  • Self-management: stress management

All of the small-group resources in JillE Literacy work together to make it easy to teach the appropriate skills for each student’s exact reading level and to have meaningful discussions around text that build oral language, comprehension, and social-emotional learning competencies.

The Take & Teach BOOKS are the teaching versions of the books, identical to the student books in every way but one: these teaching versions have helpful prompts built into every page for guiding small-group instruction and taking advantage of the targeted instructional opportunities in each book. Both versions of the books also include after-reading activities for bridging reading, oral language, and writing. 

A separate Take & Teach Lesson CARD (shown below) includes support for English learners, a social-emotional learning mini-lesson, and five respond and extend activities (including downloadable blackline masters and a writing activity for every book.) 

Eddy’s Shoes comes from the Grade 2 Small-Group Resources kit but can be used by any students at a Level G instructional reading level.

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