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September 2022

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Trivia Tidbits

In recognition of National Courtesy Month, here are the top five ways to say the “magic words” in the United States—plus a bonus #6 for our friends in New Zealand!

  1. English: please / thank you

  2. Spanish: por favor / gracias

  3. Chinese: qǐng / xièxiè nǐ

  4. Tagalog: pakiusap / salamat

  5. Vietnamese: làm ơn / cảm ơn

  6. Māori: tēnā koa / ngā mihi

Book Bag

Get more out of shared reading with Pirate Polly, a musical, rhythmical story that gets all students singing—and reading—along.

Shared reading is a collaborative experience that allows all students to participate in repeated reading that builds reading fluency, skills, and confidence.

Pirate Polly also features support for social-emotional learning with a storyline that helps children learn to manage anxiety by focusing on problem-solving.

Like all JillE Literacy Shared Books, a five-day lesson plan and teaching panels are built right into the text to help teachers take advantage of every embedded opportunity to support comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonemic awareness, and phonics skills by focusing on a different literacy strand each day.

For extra fun, build fluency by inviting students to read the dialogue in their best pirate voices on Monday, September 19th, for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Visit the Book of the Month page during September and October to access this free e-book and make the most of shared reading with JillE Literacy!

Poetry Power

Looking for a poem that gets kids reading, laughing, and learning?

Have no fear—Fearless Phil is here!

This humorous and engaging poem provides opportunities to discuss fear, courage, and making safe choices, as well as a five-day lesson plan that makes it easy to boost oral language, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, phonics and spelling, and creative response skills—a different literacy skill every day of the week! 

Check out the Poem of the Month page to access the poem, lesson plan, and printable student version throughout September and October.

Pocket PD

Do you have questions about the science of reading? Questions like…

  • What is the science of reading?

  • What does it say about how children learn to read?

  • What are some common myths about the science of reading?

  • How are teachers making the shift to evidence-based reading instruction?

  • How does JillE Literacy support teachers in implementing their knowledge of the science of reading?

You’ll find answers to all these questions and more in our new downloadable report—The Science of Reading: Bridging the gap from knowledge to implementation.

Through many years as a classroom teacher, administrator, trainer, and coach to thousands of educators around the world, Jill Eggleton knows firsthand how hard teachers work to help all their students develop into skillful and proficient readers. She created JillE Literacy to reduce the burden on teachers and to give them the   support they need to put research into practice.

With a concise and helpful overview of the science of reading, common myths, and specific information and examples from the program, this new report shows how JillE Literacy provides powerful coaching and explicit support for all strands of literacy in every resource—helping teachers bridge the gap from knowledge to implementation.

Download the report and find out more today!

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