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Suzee Sing, Special Spy

Suzee Sing’s phone went…
and a voice said,
“Is this Suzee Sing
who knows everything?”
Suzee Sing said,
“It is I,
Suzee Sing,
Special Spy.”

Shared reading is an engaging and collaborative whole-class reading experience that allows all students to participate in reading grade-level texts with fluency and confidence. 

This unique approach hooks even the most reluctant readers with the rhythm of language and the power of words, supported by lively, fast-paced lessons that teach essential skills across every strand of literacy.

Unlike most other big books, the Shared Books in JillE Literacy were written specifically for reading together with the whole class. By combining rhythmical, rhyming text with rigorous, focused discussions, these unique texts build the reservoir of words, language, and skills that are essential for reading and writing success.

A five-day lesson plan and teaching panels built into every book make it easy to guide each daily lesson, never missing an opportunity to support comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics skills, or social-emotional learning.

How does JillE Literacy support the science of reading?

The Shared Books build a bridge to independent reading by helping students practice and apply a wide range of reading skills in the context of engaging, authentic texts. 

They also build a bridge to independent writing with follow-up writing activities in every book that get students writing for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Suzee Sing, Special Spy comes from the Grade 2 Whole-Class Resources kit but can be enjoyed by students of all ages. 

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