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Eddy’s Shoes

This heartwarming book about a boy who is ashamed of his unfashionable old shoes is the perfect story to spark meaningful discussions this holiday season and help students understand that it’s not what they have, but who they are, that really matters.

The story provides many opportunities for social-emotional learning by talking about issues of peer pressure, embarrassment, socio-economic differences, social conformity, and the value of uniqueness in the safe context of a fictional world. An additional mini-lesson focuses on the SEL competency of self-efficacy.

The book also makes it easy to build reading proficiency by including targeted support for all strands of literacy in teaching panels inside the Take & Teach teaching version of the book. 

These teaching notes substantially reduce the planning time required to prepare a meaningful small-group reading lesson, while making it much easier for teachers to individualize instruction by using the notes best suited to each student’s unique needs.

A separate Take & Teach Lesson includes additional support for English learners and social-emotional learning, an overview of the instructional plan for the book, and five respond and extend activities, which include downloadable blackline masters and a writing activity for every book.

These post-reading activities are ideal for independent learning while teachers are working with other small groups.

Eddy’s Shoes comes from the Grade 2 Small-Group Resources kit but can be used for small-group instruction with any students at a Level G instructional reading level, or as a read aloud for students at other levels.

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