Book of the Month

Baboon’s Nest

“The sun went…
and Baboon made a nest in a tree.” 

So begins this lively shared reading book that is certain to become a class favorite! 

Rhyming texts that boost participation and engagement

Student engagement is a hallmark of JillE Literacy. This book, written specifically for whole-class shared reading, features rhythmical, rhyming language that gets children participating, along with a humorous and engaging story that gets them thinking, talking, and learning.

No-prep teaching tools

A five-day lesson plan and teaching panels built into the book help teachers take advantage of every opportunity to support comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics skills, and social-emotional learning by focusing on a different literacy strand each day.

No more guesswork about where to pause the reading or which words or skills to call out and when. All the planning is done and right there on the page for easy reference — your guide on the side.

Foundational skills in context

Foundational skills instruction is built into the teaching panels, which in this Grade K book includes phonological and phonemic awareness, letter-sound correspondences, initial sounds, initial blends, and concepts of print.

Authentic social-emotional learning

Every shared reading book in JillE Literacy also features built-in opportunities for social-emotional learning, with storylines that help children recognize and build key social and emotional competencies.

Comprehension and social-emotional learning are authentically embedded in the text, helping children build higher-order thinking skills through rich, text-based discussions.

Baboon’s Nest is part of the Grade K Whole-Class Resources kit but can be enjoyed by children and teachers of all ages! 

To see this whole-class shared reading lesson in action, check out the video Jill Eggleton on Shared Reading.

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