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Read Aloud Book: Brachio

At JillE Literacy, we believe engagement must come before achievement. 

Your students will fall in love with this captivating story about Brachio, a big dinosaur who looks after the small mouse lizards and protects them from the chomping, stomping dinosaurs.

Perfect for back-to-school read-alouds, the story provides safe and authentic opportunities for social-emotional learning, including: 

  • Exploring why the characters act the way they do, 
  • Developing empathy for the characters and for one another, 
  • Discussing strategies for dealing with bullies, and 
  • Learning the importance of extending kindness to others.

Inside this and every vibrant and engaging JillE Literacy Read Aloud Book are built-in Teacher Notes to guide students before, during, and after reading. 

Use the built-in Teacher Notes to…

Engage the Listener with a book introduction that builds curiosity and suspense.

Enhance the Reading by using the tips for voices, sound effects, and actions that bring the story to life. 

Enjoy the Story by modeling what good readers do, stopping at key moments to ponder, predict, infer, and make connections.

Extend the Experience after reading by asking thoughtful questions that spark text-centered discussion.

Children Will Love To… participate in the reading with actions and movement.

Every book also features six response activities, including a mini-lesson on the focus social-emotional learning competency. 

Extend learning after the read-aloud by…

Writing and drawing about a character

Creative Arts using drama to retell the story

Social-Emotional Learning with small-group discussion that connects to students’ lives

Speaking & Listening that uses partner talk to build oral language skills

Language & Vocabulary learning through acting out ‘wow’ words from the story

Independent Reading using the audio narrated by the author, Jill Eggleton 

Brachio comes from the Grade K Whole-Class Resources kit but is appropriate for children and teachers of all ages! 

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