Whole-Class Resources

Vibrant illustrations and rich language build a love of reading while teaching essential grade-level skills in context.

Shared Books

For shared reading to be successful, big books need to be more than just big. The large-format Shared Books in JillE Literacy feature robust vocabulary, rhythm, rhyme, and repetitive chunks of text that encourage student participation and make language memorable.

Poetry Cards

Every large-format Poetry Card includes an engaging illustrated poem on the front and an easy-to-follow five-day lesson plan on the back. The Shared Books and the Poetry Cards focus on the same key skills each day.

Built-In Lesson Plans

DAY 1Comprehension
DAY 2Vocabulary
DAY 3Fluency
DAY 4Phonemic awareness, phonics, and word study
DAY 5Creative response to the story or poem

Read Aloud Books

While almost any book can be read aloud, the most effective texts are the ones that allow teachers to model and share the joy of reading.

The Read Aloud Books in the Kindergarten and Grade 1 kits feature the kinds of stories, characters, and language that connect with children, sparking their imagination and leading to great discussions and social-emotional learning.

Supportive teaching notes and related extension activities inside every Read Aloud Book help teachers make the most of the reading experience.

Inside Each Grade-Level Kit

Shared Books
Shoo Fly
Bad Luck Duck
Baboon’s Nest
How Boring
Mice in the Kitchen
Windy Day
Poetry Cards
A Fu Fu Bird
Bagon the Dragon
Bubble Trouble
Careful, Frog
Claws on Paws
Clever Monkey
Cloud Floating
Duck Feet
Egg on My Bed
Fly Feet
The Giant Clapped
Gorilla in the Rain
Hurry, Mouse
Listen, Listen
Look at Mr. Ned
One Nose
Peeping Through the Keyhole
Popcorn in the Pot
Silly Frog
Read Aloud Books
Sneaky Snake
Fat Cat and Baby Bird
Digby the Digger Dog
Big Bubba
Donkey Trouble
Molly Moo Loo
Fire Dog Frizzle
Wobbling Whiskers
Beebee Bear
The Great Big Enormous Sneeze
Shared Books
Cass the Color Robber
Another Mother
Grumpy Rhino
Pirate Polly
Ratty Tatty Cat
Mrs. McFee
Poetry Cards
Silly Baboon
Dancing Bear
Dear Moon
Dear Sun
Down by the River
Gobbling Goat
If a Cow Comes in the Kitchen
Isabella Buckarella
Jellybean Tree
Jimmy Joe
Lizzie Lee
My Sister Said
My Sky
Nest in My Hair
Never Tug a Tiger’s Tail
Sniffing Nose
A Spider in My Shoe
Wet Elephant
Read Aloud Books
Isabella Buckarella
Squitty Fish
Ruby Blair
Oh Me, Oh My
The Jellybean Tree
Peggy Loo & Poppy Woppy
The Jungle Green Jalopy
Papa Joe’s Shed
Granny McQueen and the
Popcorn Machine
Uncle Wunkle and Miggle Mouse
The Enormous Yellow Cloud
Butterfly Magic
Shared Books
Monkey’s Mistake
Fish Head Soup
Suzee Sing Special Spy
A Bunyip in the Billibong
Harry McFarr’s Clunker Car
A Bat Is a Bat
Poetry Cards
The Blobfish
Bear Grooming
Cabbage Horror
Computer Care
Flies Are Spies
Fussy Uncle Wunkle
Go, Go, Jasper Joe!
Hugo’s Glasses
Isabella Gumble
Lazy Robot!
The Micro Monster
Mighty Milan
Nanny Annie
Never, Ever
Rolling Rumble
Snake Trick
Spider Lies
Truggle Tree Monsters
Shared Books
The Enormous, Ginormous Hole
The Cantankerous Camel
Otis O’Doodle
Monsters Are Baloney
Super Squid
Lily O’Lee
Poetry Cards
Hairy Spider Stew
Anastasia Arabella
Bathing the Cat
Behind Bars
Cats! Cats! Cats!
The Crafty Crocodile
Destination Mars
Fearless Phil
Hedgehog Antics
Homeless Dog
Hot Feet
Moaning Millie
Ocean Commotion
Oodles of Noodles
Rhino in a Rage
Thomas Tyler Thackery
Under the Stair
What a Preposterous Sight to See
What Is Old?

Built-in lesson plans and instruction in every text, as well as a comprehensive Teacher’s Handbook, save planning time and elevate teaching practice for even the most experienced teachers.

Online Resources include digital versions of every book and poem, audio recordings, and printable activities.

Only JillE Literacy offers high-quality, engaging texts combined with the built-in teaching support that makes it easy to teach and reinforce essential skills in context.

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