Small-Group Resources

Leveled books and teaching versions with embedded instructional support take the guesswork out of small-group reading instruction.

Leveled Books

There’s nothing more powerful or rewarding than reaching students with exactly the right instruction to help them grow as readers. But it can be tough to find the right materials to support the diverse learners in a primary classroom.

The solution starts with texts written especially for small-group reading. The Leveled Books in JillE Literacy were designed to include:

  • A broad span of reading levels, both above and below grade level
  • Text load, vocabulary, and design carefully controlled for each level
  • Embedded opportunities to teach appropriate skills and strategies
  • A 50-50 mix of fiction and informational text genres and text forms
  • Vibrant illustrations and photography and a variety of visual and text features
  • Retelling and partner talk activities that build critical thinking and oral language skills
  • Writing activities in every book that transfer phonics and comprehension skills to writing

Take & Teach Books

These special teaching versions provide a mirror image of every small-group text that puts “just-right” instruction at teachers’ fingertips.

The Take & Teach Books include instructional support and prompts for every step of the lesson, plus a step-by-step instructional plan inside the cover, complete with decoding strategies specific to the reading level.

Inside the book, teaching panels for every student page provide structured and explicit support for:

  • Decoding strategies
  • Comprehension skills
  • Phonological and phonemic awareness
  • High-frequency words
  • Oral language and vocabulary
  • Visual literacy
  • Fluency
  • Writing

Take & Teach Lessons

Take & Teach Lessons and blackline masters provide extra support for English learners, social-emotional learning, and writing, with five extension activities for every book.

Additional Support for English Learners

Two types of additional support for English learners are included for every small-group text—one type suitable for all English learners and another that allows teachers to choose from substantial, moderate, or light support.


Point to and name specific objects or animals on each page (e.g., plant, caterpillar, leaf, tree, bird, cat). Have students repeat the name and then find the word on the page.

Spanish cognate: planta (plant)


  • Point to and name each photograph on the graphic organizer (e.g., plant, caterpillar, bird, cat).
  • The _____ eats the _____.
  • What do you see in each picture? What do the arrows mean?

EL Support Key: ■ ■ ■ Substantial ■ ■ Moderate Light

Grade K Small-Group Resources
(Leveled Books, Take & Teach Books, and Take & Teach Lessons)
Title Level Genre
Monkey FunBFiction
What Next?BInformational Text
WheelsBInformational Text
Kind BirdBFiction
Night in the GardenBInformational Text
I Am a RobotCFiction
What Is Long?CInformational Text
Where Can They Live?CInformational Text
I Am WetCFiction
Tricky TigerCFiction
No, Cat!DRealistic Fiction
Lucky SealDInformational Text
Look! No Tail!DInformational Text
Hide and SeekDFiction
Crazy CatERealistic Fiction
Caterpillar, CaterpillarEFiction
Hungry FoxEInformational Text
Brown BearEInformational Text
Big GorillaEInformational Text
A Crocodile MotherEInformational Text
Greedy RabbitEFiction
Crazy Cat Helps OutERealistic Fiction
Hippo’s EggEFiction
Animal FathersEInformational Text
Frogs in the PoolFRealistic Fiction
Tricky GooseFFiction
Where Is Dad?FRealistic Fiction
Sailor Sid Is SickFRealistic Fiction
Where Are the Bats?FInformational Text
Food for ZebrasFInformational Text
Down at the WaterholeFInformational Text
Helicopters HelpFInformational Text
Cat and FishFFiction
The Tall TreeFInformational Text
TJ’s CarGRealistic Fiction
Cool SailsGFiction
Big DinosaurGFiction
Under the IceGInformational Text
Changing ColorsGInformational Text
Robot CrabGInformational Text
Sailor Sid Is CleverGRealistic Fiction
Lazy LillyGRealistic Fiction
Tricera’s LessonGFiction
Living in a CaveHInformational Text
A Handy HorseHInformational Text
Moving SeedsHInformational Text
A Big EarthquakeHInformational Text
Garbage in the RiverHInformational Text
I Dare YouHFiction
A Bag in the JungleHFiction
Grade 1 Small-Group Resources
(Leveled Books, Take & Teach Books, and Take & Teach Lessons)
Title Level Genre
Sleeping AnimalsBInformational Text
RacingBInformational Text
WhiskersBInformational Text
No BonesBInformational Text
A Place to LiveBInformational Text
Dinner for BabyBRealistic Fiction
Look at the WebBAnimal Fantasy
Go, Mouse!BAnimal Fantasy
The King’s PantsCRealistic Fiction
Look, Bee!CAnimal Fantasy
Rabbit and FrogCAnimal Fantasy
Day and Night in the DesertCInformational Text
Racing CarsDRealistic Fiction
Dad’s BootDRealistic Fiction
The Turtle’s JourneyDInformational Text
No Kings in the KitchenERealistic Fiction
Octopus Is a FriendEAnimal Fantasy
Octopus MotherEInformational Text
Smoke Jumpers HelpEInformational Text
Going UnderEInformational Text
The King’s RideFRealistic Fiction
It Started with a PlantFInformational Text
Super DogFInformational Text
Saving SharkFAnimal Fantasy
Green FeathersFAnimal Fantasy
Big BullGAnimal Fantasy
Living in SpaceGInformational Text
Big Bull Gets BoredGAnimal Fantasy
Mrs. Spatt and SpiderGAnimal Fantasy
Spider Gets JealousGAnimal Fantasy
Baby Bonobos AloneHInformational Text
Dolphins to the RescueHInformational Text
Moving ElephantsHInformational Text
Tilly’s TantrumHRealistic Fiction
Harpy Eagle ChickIInformational Text
Different PlantsIInformational Text
BaxterIRealistic Fiction
Bully BugsJInformational Text
Up Pops A MushroomJInformational Text
The StorytellerKRealistic Fiction/Narrative
The Flying PaniniKRealistic Fiction/Narrative
The Griffon VultureLInformational Text/Report
Who’s Who?LRealistic Fiction/Description
Saving GrandpaLRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
A Suit for SpacewalkingMInformational Text/Explanation
What’s That?MInformational Text/Description
A Sneak Peek into Diego’s DiaryMRealistic Fiction/Diary
Climbing a Rock WallNInformational Text/Explanation
The Dingo FenceNInformational Text/Report
The People on Hickory StreetNRealistic Fiction/Description
Grade 2 Small-Group Resources
(Leveled Books, Take & Teach Books, and Take & Teach Lessons)
Title Level Genre
The Aliens Go ShoppingFScience Fiction
Going UpFInformational Text
Jake’s JobFRealistic Fiction
Tricky AliensFScience Fiction
Robber CatGRealistic Fiction
In a NutshellGInformational Text
A Possum in the HouseGRealistic Fiction
A Job for Suzee SingGMystery
Eddy’s ShoesGRealistic Fiction
Moon MouseGAnimal Fantasy
Mister RoosterHRealistic Fiction
Knut—A Pet or Not?HInformational Text
The Junk Raft JourneyHInformational Text
The Battle to BreatheHInformational Text
Alien TroubleHScience Fiction
Uncle Al HRealistic Fiction
Robot Lander on MarsIInformational Text
A Real Tree HouseIInformational Text
A Snake WranglerIInformational Text
Robot RG9 Takes OverIScience Fiction
Lucky Water Buffalo CalfJInformational Text
A Battle in the Deep SeaJInformational Text
The Bedroom SwingKRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Adventure in the DesertKRealistic Fiction/Narrative
No WorriesLRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Yes, No, or Maybe SoLOpinion Text/Persuasive Argument
The Hoatzin BirdMInformational Text/Report
Word PicturesMInformational Text/Description
Hunting for TreasureNInformational Text/Explanation
Race to the FinishNInformational Text/Explanation
The CertificateNRealistic Fiction/Narrative
The Goat-MobileNRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Outside This WindowNInformational Text/Description
K.C. Miggins ORealistic Fiction/Narrative
The Call of the Sea OInformational Text/Report
The Secret ORealistic Fiction/Narrative
A Mammoth Eclipse OInformational Text/Report
On the Ball OInformational Text/Explanation
Go FishOInformational Text/Explanation
Banjo PRealistic Fiction/Narrative
Inside-Out Skeletons PInformational Text/Explanation
Uncle Al—Surfer PRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Circus Performers PInformational Text/Explanation
Fussy Ferret PRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Over the Bridge PInformational Text/Explanation
The Hand of Nature QInformational Text/Description
Kids Speak Out QOpinion Text/Persuasive Argument
A Trip to Space Camp QInformational Text/Report
Perfectly Ridiculous QRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Samso—The Green Dream QInformational Text/Report
Grade 3 Small-Group Resources
(Leveled Books, Take & Teach Books, and Take & Teach Lessons)
Title Level Genre
Bug HuntersIInformational Text
Cousin KateIRealistic Fiction
Uncle Al and the Soccer GameJRealistic Fiction
Different or the Same?JInformational Text
The Stars AboveKInformational Text
Dad’s PlaceKRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
A Sneak Peek into Abigail’s DiaryLRealistic Fiction/Diary
Different VillagesLInformational Text/Report
Making a ChoiceMRealistic Fiction/Narrative
Views on the NewsMOpinion Text/Persuasive Argument
Grandma Reanie’s BeaniesNRealistic Fiction/Narrative
ConsequencesNRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Through the LensNInformational Text/Description
Out of NatureOInformational Text/Report
Seeing Eye to Eye or NotOOpinion Text/Persuasive Argument
A Thirsty WorldOInformational Text/Report
Through the Eyes of BloggersOOpinion Text/Persuasive Argument
Changes PRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Into Cole Cave PRealistic Fiction/Narrative
Lens on NightlifePInformational Text/Explanation
Squeezing PuttyPRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
ChoicesPRealistic Fiction/Narrative
Change HappensPRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Fiction Today—Fact TomorrowQInformational Text/Report
TechnophobiaQOpinion Text/Persuasive Argument
Saving for the FutureQInformational Text/Explanation
Tapping into TalentQRealistic Fiction/Narrative
Readers’ ViewpointsQOpinion Text/Persuasive Argument
Invisible ThreadsQInformational Text/Report
Spotlight on the People RRealistic Fiction/Description
Wildlife Detective RInformational Text/Diary
Team HaircutRRealistic Fiction/Narrative
Uncle Al—ChaperoneRRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Tall Tales or True Tales? ROpinion Text/Persuasive Argument
The DecathlonRRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Grandma Reanie’s RockersRRealistic Fiction/Narrative
Between the PagesRRealistic Fiction/Description
On the Wings of a BirdSInformational Text/Report
Built for SpeedSInformational Text/Explanation
Talent on ShowSOpinion Text/Persuasive Argument
Lighting Up the DarkSInformational Text/Description
Shadows of the PastSInformational Text/Report
Crazy ChallengesSInformational Text/Explanation
Blogger’s BabbleSOpinion Text/Persuasive Argument
The ClawTRealistic Fiction/Narrative
Beaky McKayTRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
World Without TreesTInformational Text/Explanation
Speak Like UsTRealistic Fiction/Narrative
Call Me HarryTRealistic Fiction/Personal Narrative
Hidden HorrorsTInformational Text/Report

Built-in lesson plans and instruction in every text, as well as a comprehensive Teacher’s Handbook, save planning time and elevate teaching practice for even the most experienced teachers.

Online Resources include digital versions of every book, as well as lessons, activities, and graphic organizers.

Only JillE Literacy offers high-quality, engaging texts combined with the built-in teaching support that makes it easy to teach and reinforce essential skills in context.

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