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Meet Jill Eggleton

JillE Literacy was created by educator, author, and international literacy consultant Jill Eggleton, QSO.

Since her earliest days as a classroom teacher in New Zealand, Jill has known that there is no room for struggle, pain, or boredom in reading. Instead, it has been Jill’s lifelong passion to engage young learners with texts that spark emotion, imagination, critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity. This is the passion that drives JillE Literacy.

“I am passionate about literacy—passion is the fuel in the fire. We need to allow the sparks of our passion to ignite the wonder and the love of reading.”

– Jill Eggleton, QSO

Jill’s approach incorporates all aspects of literacy learning, a diverse range of materials and approaches, a focus on the developmental stage of each individual learner, and, of utmost importance, an emphasis on sparking children’s interest and getting them “hooked” on reading.

A former classroom teacher herself, Jill also understands the challenges teachers face. No one has a more challenging or more important job than teachers do. All of the resources Jill creates are mindful of these challenges, providing teachers with built-in tools that help them make the most of their precious time with students. As the author of more than 1,000 resources for teachers and students, including the Sails, Key Links Literacy, Connectors, Bud-e Reading, and JillE Literacy series, Jill supports teachers with resources that make teaching literacy easy, engaging, and effective.

As adjunct professor at Sioux Falls University, Jill trains and inspires educators in how to apply the best in literacy practices in the classroom. She has worked with teachers in many countries to help them create classrooms where students are motivated and excited to learn, and where teachers enjoy the teaching process and the rewards that result when their students are happy and engaged.

In 2010, Jill received one of New Zealand’s highest honors when she was appointed Companion of the Queen’s Service Order (QSO) for services to education and literacy. In 2015, she received the Margaret Mahy Award, a literary prize presented annually to a person who has made a significant contribution to children’s literature, publishing, or literacy.

Jill Eggleton created JillE Literacy to provide vibrant and engaging materials designed to inspire young readers, along with built-in guidance for teaching essential skills in context and supporting all children’s literacy development. It is her sincere hope that JillE Literacy will help teachers fan the flame of literacy in their classrooms and empower students with the gift of lifelong reading. 

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