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Uncle Al (Grade 2, Level H)

This humorous story tells what happens when a boy and his dad go on an overnight fishing trip with Uncle Al, who doesn’t always think things through but who always makes them laugh.

It’s impossible to feel anxious about reading when you’re laughing. That’s why so many of the stories and poems in JillE Literacy incorporate humor. Humor engages students and helps them see that reading can be fun, not just something they have to do at school.

JillE Literacy makes reading fun for teachers, too. With everything you need to lead the small-group lesson built in and at your fingertips, you’re free to focus on your students and take advantage of every teachable moment. 

Foundational skills and comprehension instruction are built into the teaching panels, along with opportunities to develop social-emotional learning, including evaluating consequences, accepting differences, flexibility, and the target SEL competency of stress management.

In addition, a variety of after-reading activities reinforce what students have learned, provide meaningful independent work, and build a bridge from reading to writing. 

Uncle Al comes from the Grade 2 Small-Group Resources kit but can be used by any students at a Level H instructional reading level.

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