My grandson Hugo, it was discovered much to his horror, needed glasses.

Not just ordinary, help you see a little better glasses, but glasses as thick as the bottom of jam jars. Glasses to help him align one of his beautiful blue eyes.

Hugo disliked his glasses with a real intensity, and so I wrote this poem for him and all other kids who needed to wear them.

The school Hugo attended had the poem among their poetry resources, and Hugo became quite the celebrity. Young kids were fascinated, and whenever they saw Hugo they wanted to know what he could see. Hugo began to thoroughly enjoy the game and his glasses, and he conjured up outrageously funny sights. 

Glasses became popular at Kings School, but strangely no one else had a pair quite the same as Hugo’s.

-Jill Eggleton

Like all the poems in JillE Literacy, “Hugo’s Glasses” contains engaging and rhythmical text that creates a joyful shared reading experience and builds a love of language and reading. The poem also provides a valuable opportunity to build language and literacy skills in small pockets of time each day.

Enjoy this JillE Literacy poem with children and use the five-day lesson plan to focus on a different teaching opportunity each day:

DAY 1Support comprehension and oral language by helping students make predictions, use text clues, and ask their own questions about the poem.
DAY 2Build vocabulary by rereading the poem together and focusing on the specific words and language elements in the poem. 
DAY 3Develop reading fluency by drawing attention to the punctuation and stylized text in the poem and rereading it aloud together. 
DAY 4Practice phonics and phonemic awareness skills by identifying base words and suffixes, then identifying words and spelling patterns for the long /oo/ sound.
DAY 5Encourage creativity by clapping the rhythm, making up a tune or a rap, moving to the poem, and illustrating the poem in students’ personal poetry notebooks. 

“Hugo’s Glasses” is part of the Grade 2 Whole-Class Resources kit but can be enjoyed by children and teachers of all ages!

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