This humorous and engaging poem provides opportunities to discuss fear, courage, and making safe choices, as well as a five-day lesson plan that supports a different literacy skill every day of the week!

DAY 1 Support comprehension, oral language, and social-emotional learning by helping students talk about the illustration, make predictions, and ask and answer questions about the poem.
DAY 2 Build vocabulary by rereading the poem together and focusing on specific words, such as invincible and dauntless and brainstorming synonyms and antonyms.
DAY 3 Develop reading fluency by drawing attention to the punctuation and other text features in the poem and reading it together with pace and expression.
DAY 4 Reinforce phonics and spelling skills by examining words with suffixes and identifying multiple spelling patterns for the /f/ sound.
DAY 5 Encourage creativity by performing the poem in different ways, illustrating the poem, and having students write either a response to the poem or a poem of their own.

Poetry offers a valuable opportunity to build language and literacy skills in small pockets of time each day. Incorporate a quick poetry lesson into your daily routine whenever you or your students need a boost. Use the built-in lesson plan to focus on a different teaching opportunity each day.

“Fearless Phil” is part of the Grade 3 Whole-Class Resources kit but can be enjoyed by children and teachers of all ages!

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