Rhino was grouchy and grumpy all the time. How rude!
Will Rhino ever snap out of his grumpy mood? 

Shared reading is a collaborative reading experience where students read along with a teacher who models the skills of a proficient reader. By marrying rhythmical, rhyming text with rigorous, focused discussions, shared reading works to build the reservoir of language and skills that are essential for reading and writing success. Grumpy Rhino also offers authentic, embedded support for the social-emotional learning competency of recognizing social supports.

Enjoy this JillE Literacy Shared Book with children and use the five-day lesson plan along with the built-in teaching panels to focus on a different teaching opportunity each day:

DAY 1Use authentic, text-based discussion to support comprehension, oral language, and social-emotional learning.
DAY 2Identify and work with engaging and challenging vocabulary from the text.
DAY 3Point out elements of the text that can help students read with fluency.
DAY 4Reinforce phonemic awareness and phonics skills in the context of reading.
DAY 5Give every student an opportunity to practice oral, written, and visual language by responding to the text.

Grumpy Rhino is part of the Grade 1 whole-class resources but can be enjoyed by children and teachers of all ages!

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