October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and JillE Literacy has a wealth of resources that can help teachers address this important topic among even the youngest learners. Authentic social-emotional learning is part of every fiction title, providing meaningful opportunities for children to explore emotions, empathize, connect, and walk in another’s shoes.

Built-in discussion prompts and mini-lessons help students explore essential social-emotional skills and competencies that combat bullying, such as developing empathy and treating others with kindness, within the safety of a contained fictional world.

Read Aloud Book: Brachio

In this touching story, Brachio is a big dinosaur who protects the small mouse lizards from the chomping, stomping dinosaurs and, despite his size, becomes a target of bullying himself.

The story provides safe and authentic opportunities for social-emotional learning when students discuss why the characters act the way they do, develop empathy for the characters and for one another, and explore strategies for dealing with bullies and for extending kindness to others.

Enjoy this JillE Literacy Read Aloud Book with children and download the built-in Teacher Notes from the Related Resources below to guide students before, during, and after reading. Then follow up with your choice of six response activities from the back of the book, including a mini-lesson on the Social-Emotional Learning competency of kindness and consideration.

Teacher Notes

How to engage students and enhance the read-aloud experience before, during, and after reading:

  • Engage the Listener
  • Enhance the Reading
  • Enjoy the Story
  • Extend the Experience
  • Children Will Love To…

Response Activities

A choice of six activities to extend learning beyond the read-aloud:

  • Writing: Character Writing
  • Creative Arts: Dramatize the Story
  • Social-Emotional Learning: Kindness and Consideration
  • Speaking & Listening: Partner Talk
  • Language & Vocabulary: Act Out the Words
  • Independent Reading: Reading & Listening Center

Brachio comes from the Grade K Whole-Class Resources kit but is appropriate for children and teachers of all ages!

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