This short but powerful book tells the story of Green Feathers, a chick who is bullied because he looks different from the other chicks. 

In addition to built-in foundational skills and comprehension instruction in the book, the story presents many opportunities for social-emotional learning by talking about bullying, kindness, and the importance of appreciating differences of all kinds. 

Green Feathers comes from the Grade 1 Small-Group Resources kit but can be used by any students at a Level F instructional reading level.

Embedded foundational skills instruction

  • Plurals
  • Digraph ch
  • Sounds of y
  • Suffixes s, ing, ed
  • Contractions
  • Short /e/ sound
  • Short and long /oo/ sound

Embedded comprehension instruction

  • Ask and answer questions
  • Make inferences
  • Make connections
  • Compare and contrast
  • Problem and solution
  • Make and confirm predictions

Embedded social-emotional learning

  • Social awareness: appreciating diversity

The ebook below shows the Take & Teach Book—a teaching version with text and visuals that exactly match the student version, plus built-in teaching panels for structured and explicit instruction in essential reading skills. 

To use the Take & Teach Book:

  1. Introduce the book to a small group. Then use the photographs and the PREVIEW suggestions in the teaching panels to preview the text and build background knowledge and vocabulary
  2. Return to pages 2-3 and use the suggestions in the VIEW panels to help students focus on the text, apply decoding strategies, and build comprehension skills and strategies.
  3. After reading the book all the way through, return to the beginning and use the REVIEW panels to provide targeted instruction in phonemic awareness, sound and spelling patterns, high-frequency words, and social-emotional learning.

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