This informational text introduces the water cycle and how water can become polluted. Garbage in the River comes from the Grade K classroom kit but can be used by any students at a Level H instructional reading level.

The ebook below shows the Take & Teach Book—a teaching version with text and visuals that exactly match the student version, plus built-in teaching panels for structured and explicit instruction in essential reading skills. 

To use the Take & Teach Book:

  1. Introduce the book. Then use the photographs and the PREVIEW suggestions in the teaching panels to preview the text and build background knowledge and vocabulary
  2. Return to pages 2-3 and use the suggestions in the VIEW panels to help students focus on the text, apply decoding strategies, and build comprehension skills and strategies.
  3. After reading the book all the way through, return to the beginning and use the REVIEW panels to provide targeted instruction in phonemic awareness, sound and spelling patterns, high-frequency words, and making personal connections. 

Download the Take & Teach Lesson for a closer look at the teaching opportunities built into the book as well as additional support for English learners. Five respond and extend activities support writing, research, speaking and listening, understanding visuals, and creative arts

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